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If you’re the victim of domestic violence, we, at Gautam Legal Associates., as a specialist Domestic Violence Case Lawyers can help protect you and your family through various methods such as getting a restraining order against your husband and in-laws and any other person causing domestic violence, protection order, residence order, monetary relief including maintenance and rent for alternate accommodation, custody of child and maintenance for child, stay on the sell and transfer of shared household/matrimonial house and other properties of spouse, getting back istridhan articles, jewellery etc., compensation for domestic violence, damages and loss to istridhan.

On the other hand, if you’ve been accused of domestic violence, we as a specialist Domestic Violence Case Lawyer / advocate can help keep you away from losing custody of your kids, your property/house, money or suffering any other adverse/unreasonable/unjust orders from the Court by defending your case with full force, integrity and legal acumen so that you and your family members accused of domestic violence get exonerated/discharged from the false allegations thereby restoring your right to live with dignity, self respect and peace.

Before you file or defend a domestic violence case, you should consult us because you may sometimes misunderstand the legal provisions and end filing a wrong case or filing a weaker case or defending incorrectly causing yourself serious damage and disadvantage during court proceedings.

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